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Puple Shades


Check out some of the example PixelPoos (enlarged for ease of viewing) below; all PixelPoos are 24 x 24 pixels:

Our General Pricing Structure & Roadmap:

1000th of an ETH:

PixelPoos#00101 - 0.00101 ETH on Polygon

PixelPoos#00102 - 0.00102 ETH on Polygon

PixelPoos#00103 - 0.00103 ETH on Polygon


PixelPoos#00201 - 0.00201 ETH on Polygon

PixelPoos#00202 - 0.00202 ETH on Polygon

PixelPoos#00203 - 0.00203 ETH on Polygon

100th of an ETH:

PixelPoos#01001 - 0.01001 ETH on Polygon

PixelPoos#01002 - 0.01002 ETH on Polygon

PixelPoos#01003 - 0.01003 ETH on Polygon


PixelPoos#09123 - 0.09123 ETH on Polygon

PixelPoos#09124 - 0.09124 ETH on Polygon

PixelPoos#09125 - 0.09125 ETH on Polygon

10th of an ETH:

PixelPoos#10000 - 0.10000 ETH on Polygon

PixelPoos#10001 - 0.10001 ETH on Polygon


Please bear with us whilst we work out all the owners perks - more details to follow.

*some limited/rare/''iridescent''/super/cyclops PixelPoos may be combined;

Halloween cyclops' available in addition to the original 22 cyclops PixelPoos,

prices are a general price guide but may be changed without notice / special pricing may be applied at times / to certain PixelPoos.

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