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Bathroom Tiles


No AI. No code. No algorithms.

Just one artist single-handedly (well; using both my hands) creating 10,001 unique NFT PixelPoos!

Late to the CryptoPunks/Apes/Whale party?

- Buy PixelPoos as investments.

- Buy to collect & trade.

- Buy as gifts for friends, family, corporate incentives, retirees.
- Buy to make passive-aggressive statements at or about your enemies.

Buying Options 

- PixelPoos can be purchased with a credit card on
- Also available to buy with crypto on OpenSea.

Tell me more!

As an artist creating each of the PixelPoos by hand over time they'll naturally evolve & new variants are emerging. 

This individual approach gives the opportunity to finesse some of these tiny little friends making them even more unique (if such a thing were possible). 

FOR EXAMPLE: During spooky season I'll be dumping Halloween inspired versions of the PixelPoos that'll only be available from me annually during the month of October (until all PixelPoos have been created).

Patron of the Arts

Fuel a fledgling artist's career; yeah - a real life artist, one that's going to keep creating, not some corporate entity pushing code for cash... 

if you'd like to support me or simply want to invest in NFTs, you can

buy your PixelPoos on OpenSea HERE


buy your PixelPoos on Voice HERE

with my greatest of thanks

     Jostin House

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